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Why I went Inbound and why you should, too: An interview with Brian Signorelli of HubSpot

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I was given the opportunity to interview Brian and talk to him in depth about his role with HubSpot, the inbound marketing methodology, SEO agencies thinking about adopting inbound, what businesses need to do to create a steady flow of content, and whether Dharmesh Shah or Brian Halligan would create a better inbound marketing strategy.

Mainstreethost in the Community: @peterbaio Reads to Classroom

Pete Baio Reading to Classroom

This past Friday, Mainstreethost’s Lead Web Developer / Digital Marketing Strategist took some time out of his busy schedule to read to his daughter’s kindergarten classroom. Peter Baio has been with Mainstreethost for more than 10 years.

Check out these photos of Pete and his daughter’s kindergarten classroom (try spotting the kid making the funny face).

Stash the ‘Stache: Ladies of Mainstreethost Take on Movember

Not wanting to feel left out, several of Mainstreethost’€™s female employees took it upon themselves to gather their own Movember participants. They each donated money to be added to the “Movember fund” which will go to the male winner and ultimately the charity of his choice. Instead of growing moustaches, each of the ladies will… Read more »

Veterans Day 2012: An Interview with Patrick Allen, United States Army Veteran and Mainstreethost SEO Specialist

Last year we wrote our first Veterans Day blog post and we’™re excited for this year’€™s post, paying tribute to one of our fellow employees and Army veteran, Patrick Allen. Pat is an SEO consultant with Mainstreethost and prior to joining our team, he served over five years in The United States Army as a… Read more »

Movember at Mainstreethost

Chances are, you’ve heard of or participated in Movember (or “no shave November”) at some point. If Movember is new to you, take a minute to read this Wikipedia article on the month-long moustache growing and charity event. Employees at Mainstreethost are holding a Movember event and have raised money which will be donated to… Read more »

5 Reasons Penguins & Pandas Are Eating Your Site Alive and How You Can Fight Back

Whether you’€™re a webmaster, an SEO or a business owner with a website, Google’€™s Panda and Penguin updates shouldn’t be anything new to you. In February of 2011, Google unleashed the Panda, which targeted websites and content farms, penalizing for low quality, unoriginal content. In April of 2012, Google threw a Penguin into the mix;… Read more »