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END OF DAYS: The Human Race in Review

Doomsday Infographic

Humans have been living on planet earth for centuries, fulfilling a myriad of timeless feats that have altered the way we go about our everyday lives. While these milestone advancements in science and technology have bettered the lives of generations to come, they have contributed to countless imperfections as well—from a deteriorating ecosystem to costly world wars. As we reflect on the End of Days, could the future of the human race be up for fatal risk or imminent growth?

Roger mozBot Drawing Contest Submission

A couple of weeks back SEOmoz held a “Draw Roger Contest” and below is the pencil drawing I submitted (a few days late). Check out the winners of the contest here, and, I welcome your feedback in the comments section below!     Post by Michael Biondo – Inbound Marketer at Mainstreethost Twitter: @MSH_Biondo

End of the Reel: Analysis of the Online Movie Streaming, DVD & Video Game Rental Industry

The various technological advances made over the years have become integrated within our everyday lives, and they help simplify our lifestyles. The idea of renting a movie is different than it was 20 years ago. Now, anyone can freely choose from a wide variety of services to watch movies and TV shows. You can even… Read more »

Buzzworthy TV: Who’s Crowned The King of Social Television?

We’re currently in the midst of fall-television-premiere season. Both new programs and old favorites debuted throughout the past few days, and more shows will roll out over the next several weeks. One of the best parts of this surfeit of new episodes is the fact that it affords us an opportunity to discuss all of… Read more »

Nine Steps to Assembling an Inbound Marketing Team – Voltron Style

Creating a rock-solid and well-executed strategy is the first step toward increasing your company’s inbound leads. But how successful can that strategy be without an all-star marketing team to set it in motion? With the help of Voltron, we’ve created an instruction manual designed to help you assemble the future of your business through your… Read more »

8 Steps to Create an Infographic

Infographics have been one of the hottest forms of content marketing for quite some time now. They benefit brands by boosting overall content marketing efforts, and benefit readers by showcasing data and other useful information in a visual format. Michael Biondo of Mainstreethost has created an infographic on how to make infographics. This is Mainstreethost’s… Read more »