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Social Search and Social Resumés: The Flaws of the Bing-Klout Integration

Last week, news broke that the search engine Bing and the polarizing social-influence-measurement site Klout entered into a partnership to improve social search. Bing will now integrate Klout into its search results, and Klout will integrate Bing into its scoring algorithm. What does this new, friendly alliance mean for all the Bing and Klout users… Read more »

A Simple Website Analysis can go a Long Way this Holiday Season – tips to capture this year’s online holiday rush

As the holiday season is quickly approaching, what are you doing as a business owner to capture this year’€™s online shoppers? Assuming you already have an online presence and a means for customers to purchase or inquire about your products and services; are you reaching the right audience and are your visitors converting? There is… Read more »

Bing Travel & Kayak to Partner

In an official Bing blog post, the search giant announces their newly formed partnership with Kayak, a leading innovator in travel search. Bing states that this will allow them to provide a more comprehensive travel search experience. Bing feels that this will make them more powerful and comprehensive in the travel industry. You can find… Read more »

Search Volumes on the Rise for Google and Bing

Year-over-year search statistics show that Bing’s search volume has gone up 29% while Google’s search volume has gone up 13% compared to 2009 statistics. These stats are part of comScore’s “The 2010 U.S. Digital Year in Review” report. comScore also goes on to report that the overall search market in the United States has risen… Read more »

Recent Upgrades to Bing – Maps, Local, Mobile, Travel and Image Search

At Bing’s search event in San Francisco on the 15th of December, Microsoft unraveled updates to their maps, local search, mobile services, travel and their image search. Most of the new features will be available within a month or so (if not already available now). Visit Bing’s Fall Update page for more information on the… Read more »