Understanding Panda 4.1 – #mktgtalk

Twitter chat recap

To help everyone build a better understanding of the latest Google update, Panda 4.1, we took the discussion to Twitter to let everyone weigh in. Inbound Marketing Manager Craig Kilgore joined the conversation to share his knowledge on the topic. Enjoy the recap of the conversation which highlights the need-to-know information about Panda 4.1!

Setting up Product Listing Ads step by step


Product Listing Ads and Google Shopping are hot: More sales for less cost than most other shopping channels. But setting up a PLA campaign is a skill that most merchants have not yet acquired. This step-by-step guide will get you started.

5 Reasons Penguins & Pandas Are Eating Your Site Alive and How You Can Fight Back

Whether you’€™re a webmaster, an SEO or a business owner with a website, Google’€™s Panda and Penguin updates shouldn’t be anything new to you. In February of 2011, Google unleashed the Panda, which targeted websites and content farms, penalizing for low quality, unoriginal content. In April of 2012, Google threw a Penguin into the mix;… Read more »

Personalized Christmas Videos From Santa (Google)

Last week, Google launched which allows you to send personalized phone calls from Santa himself. Google is now raising the bar, allowing you to send personalized videos to your friends, family and loved ones this holiday season. Google says the following regarding their personalized phone calls: Last Friday Santa opened up the Ho Ho… Read more »