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Why I went Inbound and why you should, too: An interview with Brian Signorelli of HubSpot

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I was given the opportunity to interview Brian and talk to him in depth about his role with HubSpot, the inbound marketing methodology, SEO agencies thinking about adopting inbound, what businesses need to do to create a steady flow of content, and whether Dharmesh Shah or Brian Halligan would create a better inbound marketing strategy.

#MSHUnderReview: delighting your customers with email marketing

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On this week’s edition of #MSHUnderReview, Craig sits down with Brandon Koch, another one of our talented inbound marketers. With nearly two years’ experience under his belt, Brandon is responsible for Mainstreehost’s email marketing efforts. Watch as Brandon and Craig discuss the importance of email marketing and using it as a tool for delighting your customers.

#MSHMondays: Brandon Koch, Inbound Marketing Specialist


He’s our liaison between marketing and sales, and his name is Brandon Koch. Brandon takes care of incoming leads, calling those who express interest in Mainstreethost and exploring how we can best meet their needs.

Find out more about Brandon, his love for Buffalo sports and recent ice fishing adventures in this week’s edition of #MSHMondays.