Keyword Research

A Simple Website Analysis can go a Long Way this Holiday Season – tips to capture this year’s online holiday rush

As the holiday season is quickly approaching, what are you doing as a business owner to capture this year’€™s online shoppers? Assuming you already have an online presence and a means for customers to purchase or inquire about your products and services; are you reaching the right audience and are your visitors converting? There is… Read more »

As Mobile Searches Grow, Google Introduces New AdWords Tool

As mobile based internet activity continues to grow at a rapid pace, Google has introduced a new feature in its AdWords keyword research tool. It is intended to give users feedback on how searches are being conducted via mobile devices. Google has indicated that mobile searches (on Google) grew 130% over the last year and… Read more »

Yahoo! Introduces Yahoo! Clues

Still in beta, Yahoo Clues is a tool designed to give users information on current search trends. Some of its features include a date chooser, offering a “today” view, past 7 days and past 30 days. There is also a search feature which can be used as assistance in keyword selection though there are many… Read more »