How to set up Authorship: Why Google+ is now an absolute must for business blogs

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As Google’s algorithm continuously evolved, it wasn’t going to be long before Google+ played a role in search results. Content associated with a verified account would soon affect your place in search ranking. Now, there’s no telling if it’s already begun to play a role in organic search, but it certainly will—most likely in the very near future.

Roll the highlight reel: Videos boost engagement, clicks and conversions

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A few years ago, Cisco’s VP of Marketing and Emerging Technologies, David Hesh, forecasted that by 2013, 90 percent of all internet traffic would be consumed by video. It’s no wonder why online video has garnered its fair share of recent conversation—and deservedly so. Adding video can effectively boost engagement, click-through rates, and ultimately, conversions.

Dead or alive: Is SEO vs. PPC really a debate?

OK, so you’ve seen this before–€”many, many times before–€”and you certainly can expect to see it again. It’€™s the age-old debate of whether or not businesses should invest the majority of their online marketing budget toward search engine optimization, pay per click or both. Small businesses understand the fundamental challenges that go hand in hand… Read more »

What Not to Do When Writing a Blog Post: Walter Matthau Style

I spend the majority of my days writing and reading blog posts. Through crafting my own posts and through reading the words of others, I’ve come to realize that while each high-quality written piece is high-quality in its own unique way, mediocre blog posts/articles/news stories often have certain features in common, features that are mildly… Read more »

It’s All About Images: The Twitter Header and Why We Love Visual Content

“The medium is the message.” – Marshall McLuhan Earlier this week, Twitter debuted the new Twitter profile, which now features a header image. The header makes Twitter profiles much more visually appealing, and people have been quick to declare it reminiscent of the Facebook cover photo. Twitter’s recent change caused me to contemplate the increasing… Read more »

Do You Have a Goal Oriented SEO Strategy?

The internet and the digital marketing industry are extremely fast paced. From new technologies and strategies to new social networks and best practices, many business owners and marketers have a hard time piecing it all together. Even when you think you have a firm grasp on things, are you putting your best foot forward? One… Read more »