Dead or alive: Is SEO vs. PPC really a debate?

OK, so you’ve seen this before–€”many, many times before–€”and you certainly can expect to see it again. It’€™s the age-old debate of whether or not businesses should invest the majority of their online marketing budget toward search engine optimization, pay per click or both. Small businesses understand the fundamental challenges that go hand in hand… Read more »

The Problem with Facebook Ads Might Be Bigger than Bots

A recent startup called Limited Run has been generating substantial buzz recently on the topic of Facebook advertising. Limited Run claimed that 80% of the clicks they received from running Facebook ads came from bots rather than real people. The startup posted an update on their Facebook page explaining the situation: The 80% of clicks… Read more »

Get Ready for Sponsored Stories to Show Up in Your Facebook News Feed

If you use Facebook, you might be familiar with “€œsponsored stories”€ showing up in the right hand column of your news feed. Sponsored stories can include information from pages you like, stuff that your friends like, check-ins and a number of other things. Facebook is making some changes to how they display these sponsored stories… Read more »

A Simple Website Analysis can go a Long Way this Holiday Season – tips to capture this year’s online holiday rush

As the holiday season is quickly approaching, what are you doing as a business owner to capture this year’€™s online shoppers? Assuming you already have an online presence and a means for customers to purchase or inquire about your products and services; are you reaching the right audience and are your visitors converting? There is… Read more »

Do Your Landing Pages Perform? Google Ads Quality Improvements Rolling Out Globally

You hear the term “landing page” often but do you know what it is? Do you understand the importance of a landing page? In August of 2011, Google began testing the relevance of landing page quality in ads being clicked on in Brazil, Spanish-speaking Latin America, Spain and Portugal. The quality of landing pages did… Read more »

What is your Biggest SEO Challenge? How you can overcome the most difficult SEO tasks?

I think about SEO all day and night. Occasionally I have dreams about SEO. Over the weekend, I began thinking about how time consuming and difficult SEO is (I am aware that this is nothing new, I just never stop thinking about it). In addition to all of this, I began thinking about how hard… Read more »

Are You Ready for the Online Holiday Rush of 2011?

Is your website or online store ready for the online holiday rush of 2011? eMarketer Digital Intelligence estimates that online sales growth is likely to reach double digits year-over-year this holiday season. They go on to state that despite the sluggish economy, online sales have shown strong growth in the months leading up to the… Read more »