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#MSHUnderReview: the importance of social monitoring and reputation management

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Welcome back to another edition of #MSHUnderReview. Mainstreethost’s Social Media Manager, Erin Shipley is back! This week, Craig and Erin discuss the importance of social media monitoring and reputation management. They’ll also chat about how you can do this all from one place using a social monitoring software program.

Watch and learn how social monitoring and reputation management can help your business make the most of your social networks and online listings.

Reputation management through social media and online reviews

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As a business owner, you must have thick skin to protect yourself and your sanity from bad reviews and less than favorable comments about your brand (products and services included). Unfortunately, criticism – and not always constructive criticism – comes with the territory of being in business. It’s not always the negative comments that make the greatest impact on your business, but HOW you respond to them.

The Importance of Reputation Management

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