SEO is Changing: What to Do to Keep Up


SEO five years ago, or even one year ago, is quite different from the SEO of today. Google has implemented several changes to its algorithms that affect how searchers get results, and how marketers get your website found.

SEO: Where to Begin

SEO Where to Begin Blog Icon

Whether you’ve begun developing an SEO strategy or you’re not entirely sure what SEO means for your company, there’s definitely a learning curve to understanding how to optimize your content. People talk about the importance of ranking number one, but how do you get there and should that really be the end goal anyways?

5 Reasons Local SEO is No Longer Optional

5 Reasons Local SEO is No Longer Optional

It makes sense that in a global marketplace, you should focus more on search engine optimization (SEO) on a worldwide scale than local SEO, right? Wrong.

Here are a few reasons local SEO isn’t just a good idea – it’s no longer optional.

#MSHMondays: David Sanna, SEO Specialist


David Sanna is a new face to the SEO team here at Mainstreethost. A self-proclaimed sports nut, he plays Rugby, Soccer, and is a proud Buffalo Bills loyalist. A quick stop at Dave’s desk might tell you a thing or two about his obsessions.

Learn more about David, his love of sports and his blogging on the side in this week’s edition of #MSHMondays.

I have SEO, but why isn’t my site ranking?


At one time, ranking on the search engines was relatively easy. Throw some keywords into your Meta data, stuff your website with more keywords, submit your website to Google, and voila, there you were, right on the first page of Google.

Well, my friends, this is no longer the case.