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4 of the ballsiest social media campaigns to date


In a super-saturated world of digital interaction, standing out on social media is far from easy. But the brands that do it right are the ones that get noticed and come out on top. I’m talking about the big risk-takers, the laughter-makers and the finger-shakers.

The following social media campaigns deserve a big nod for their ballsy execution and resulting success. Take a look and get inspired – you won’t be disappointed.

Twitter & TV: is social media turning into a haven for ill placed one-liners?

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Now more than ever we are seeing the relationship between TV and social media, and Twitter is the social network of choice for social media engagement during television programs. The 140-character limit, trending topics, and its quick-moving feed is ideal to get the most out of any programming, especially one centered around celebrities and musical performance.

Guide to Social Media: Twitter [SLIDESHARE]


The third largest social media network, Twitter is the “buzz generator” of the social media world. Often the place where people go for late-breaking news and updates, Twitter is ideal for any business, especially if that’s where your audience is. (I’m sure you’re wondering if your audience is even on Twitter, and to that I say, sign up and find out!)

But first, here’s a guide to being on Twitter – why you should be on it, what you should post, when you should post, how to build a following, who you should be following and how to sign up.

Successful charity campaigns on social media


Social networks are likely the biggest phenomenon of our age. Their use has become an inevitability in social interactions, both business and personal alike. Pieces of information can spread like wildfire through social online channels where anyone can have their own voice heard, and this has opened many doors for less wealthy organizations and businesses with limited marketing budget.