6 irrefutable reasons to join a Twitter chat [POST] and 36 marketing chats to try [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why to join a Twitter chat & the best ones to try!

Whether you’re a business owner, marketing professional or just someone who enjoys Twitter and good conversation, here are a handful of irrefutable reasons you should definitely check out a Twitter chat. And to make it easy, we’ve also included an infographic listing 36 of the best marketing Twitter chats to start with!

Understanding Panda 4.1 – #mktgtalk

Twitter chat recap

To help everyone build a better understanding of the latest Google update, Panda 4.1, we took the discussion to Twitter to let everyone weigh in. Inbound Marketing Manager Craig Kilgore joined the conversation to share his knowledge on the topic. Enjoy the recap of the conversation which highlights the need-to-know information about Panda 4.1!

Guide to Social Media: Twitter [SLIDESHARE]


The third largest social media network, Twitter is the “buzz generator” of the social media world. Often the place where people go for late-breaking news and updates, Twitter is ideal for any business, especially if that’s where your audience is. (I’m sure you’re wondering if your audience is even on Twitter, and to that I say, sign up and find out!)

But first, here’s a guide to being on Twitter – why you should be on it, what you should post, when you should post, how to build a following, who you should be following and how to sign up.

Hashtag horror: when #hashtags #getoutofcontrol


Don’t get me wrong; at one point in my Twitter existence, I have used a #hashtag in a useless spot. In fact, I used a useless, redundant #hashtag this morning, and I will probably continue to do so now and again; hey, I’m only human! But a skit from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is what really opened my eyes — and I think plenty of other eyes — to superfluous hashtags…

Judging a Twitter Follower’s Social Worth at a Glance


It can be exciting when a stranger follows you on Twitter, especially when you’re new to the game. But what will this user’s small vote of confidence really be worth to you? Chances are that if you’re new to Twitter, you won’t have a clue. But even veteran tweeters may have a thing or two to learn here.