Compare Supply Chain and Project Management Software Side By Side

Part of bringing your business into the 21st century is using 21st -century utilities to help manage your company’€™s operations. Supply-order errors and improper management of your procurement chain could mean the loss of sales and detrimental dips in revenue. It’€™s an easily avoidable setback if you find what supply chain management software can best fit you and your business. It’€™s the same with project management, €”increasing the efficiency of managing projects allows for better communication flow and organization.

Of course, this is all obvious. But the easiest way to find these tools may not be. For project management software there are many features to choose from: automatic notifications, budgeting, calendars, document management, events, financials, mind maps, €”the list goes on. The same goes for SCM software.

With FindTheBest’€™s unbiased and data driven comparison engines for supply chain management software, you can filter by models that serve your particular industry, deployment model, functionality, data import & structure, supply chain monitoring, and other important factors. For project management software, you’€™ll be able to filter by features, functionality, license, collaboration features, resource management features, and more. You’€™ll also be able to compare the ones you find fitting side by side.

Just click on the compare button below the product’€™s name:

Supply Chain 1

Once you’€™ve selected all the ones you want to compare, hit “€œCompare Now”€ on the bottom of your browser.

Supply Chain 2

And now you’€™ll be able to see the specs side by side:

Supply Chain 3


FindTheBest also offers hundreds of other comparisons, from car models to brokerage accounts to airline companies.



Given the complexity of the methodologies applied, the data requirements and the modeling challenges involved in SCM software, one would expect OR professionals to routinely be involved in a company's SCM selection. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that this is not the case. The decision typically belongs to the chief information officer, the senior vice president of supply chain management or an IT professional. These people generally have no background in operations research, yet virtually every SCM software product claims to "optimize" the supply chain.


Unfortunately, feature-to-feature comparisons can only take you so far. A software might look like it's the best on paper, but software vendors tend to stuff their lists with fluff to make them look a lot better. Even then, having a feature doesn't mean the feature is usable, is a good fit, is in a convenient location, or that you'll know how to use it.


You have to try software out before making a solid decision. Sometimes just looking at screenshots can vastly improve your understanding of a software and it's simplicity factor. You do not want to get stuck with software that is uncannily difficult to implement and use, especially when it comes to project management. You'll just have more project management woes.


Look for simple software that you know your team will be able to learn. Something like JobNimbus ( can really improve your effectiveness, while something like Sugar can bog you down because of its complexities.