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IMC to Synchronized Marketing: a pivotal paradigm shift in marketing

As a marketer, I’m always looking for new ways and ideas to enhance my marketing efforts. For quite some time, I’ve been a proponent of integrated marketing, and then I heard a new term – synchronized marketing. Although my initial interest was the first word in the term – synchronized (as I was a synchronized swimmer for most of my life) – I recognized that this concept is deeper than that one familiar word.

Something clicked and I was enchanted by this concept…

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April Fools Day Prank

“Mama didn’t raise no fool!” How both brands and society benefit from April Fools’ Day

As we watched the surplus of brands, small businesses, media outlets, prominent individuals and coworkers roll out their April Fools’ Day pranks and jokes this Tuesday, we saw the convincing, the creative and the annoying, as well as the pranks we wished would come to actuality (smart gloves or LinkedIn for Cats, anyone?).

Though brands were wise not to turn a deaf ear to Tuesday’s April Fools’ Day tomfoolery. Both brands and their audience saw a great benefit from the fun and humor.

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#MSHMondays: Justin Schultz, Customer Service Manager

Justin Schultz is a longtime Mainstreethost employee. Since starting here over nine years ago, he has gone on to manage both the optimization and (more recently) customer service departments. When he gets the chance to slip away from work life, Justin makes a point of traveling the country to ski some of the best slopes in the US.

Learn more about Justin, his love for travel and scrappy canoe racing in this week’s edition of #MSHMondays

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4 ways to stand out when nothing else is working

Perhaps you have something of great value to offer, but you’ve stagnated in a digital world where consumers have turned a blind eye. But there IS a way to give your marketing that keen edge you’re looking for.

Trade in your despair and hopelessness for hard-earned success, because it’s time to take your strategy in a very new direction.

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