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Use Project Management to Win Content

Despite the Panda update and a general consumer shift toward trusted sources, many online publishers are still finding that quantity is more profitable than quality. Any marketer that wants to win the long game knows that you can’t retain customers or persist in the search engines without quality, so we find ourselves in a catch-22.

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Oh Boy

57 Places to Get Inspiration for a Blog Post

A few weeks ago I briefly talked about the process of coming up with ideas for blog posts. I quoted Jon Morrow, who in a post for Copyblogger said this:

“Great ideas aren’t just lying around, waiting for you to use them. You have to search for them… The key is doing the work. The ground may be full of buried treasure, but you have to be willing to grab a shovel and start digging.”

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Facebook Home phones

Facebook’s big announcement, the best April Fools’ Day gags and more marketing news during the week of April 1

Just when you thought social media couldn’t invade our everyday lives any more, Facebook raised the bar a notch higher. To no one’s surprise, Facebook announced on Thursday the launch of Facebook Home, a new home screen experience for Android device users which unanimously topped our marketing stories during the week of April 1.

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Girl Really

The Subjunctive Mood: Why It’s “I Wish I Were,” not “I Wish I Was”

Singers and songwriters never need to worry about grammar. In fact, they actually benefit from flouting grammar rules. It simply wouldn’t be the same if the Rolling Stones sang “Whom Do You Love” or “I Can Get No Satisfaction,” right? Songs don’t typically contain correct grammar, but that’s O.K. because they don’t need to. The only thing that matters when it comes to music is whether or not it has the ability to make us do this:

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Three Less-Talked-About (But Really Helpful) Twitter Tips

After I wrote my post about the less-talked-about aspects of Pinterest, I wanted to do the same thing for another social media site. My pick: Twitter.

Twitter is extremely user-friendly, and it doesn’t take long to get the hang of the site. But there are a few lesser-known features that can be really useful. So here’s a guide to three of those: Twitter lists, the two ways to retweet another Twitter user, and embedded tweets.

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Broken iPhone

Mainstreethost Podcast #2

This week on the podcast, the hosts dive into some new things around the office, including The Biggest Loser winners and the launch of our new website. We have our first iteration of consultant’s corner, where we introduce you to a new consultant each time. Also, watch out for the new Panda update from Google.

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