How to Use Gamification to Motivate Your Sales Force

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, gamification is the idea of integrating gaming mechanics into your service, product, community, or business in order to drive participation. It’s the marketing form of turning a baby’s spoon into a space rocket so the baby has fun running around trying to catch it and you get your baby to eat the mushy peas. Everybody wins and the baby has a good time to boot.

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Rise Above With an Underdog Mentality: How to Effectively Utilize Email Marketing

If there is one undeniable way to directly communicate with your customers (besides picking up the phone or speaking face-to-face), it’s email for the win. Just because you have a direct route into an inbox, however, does not ensure your message will be seen or well received. For that reason, I’m going to explore 10 of the most effective ways to maximize the success of your email marketing campaigns and help you let this underdog rise to the top (of your contacts’ inboxes).

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6 ways businesses can promote their brands, products or services using video

There are many ways you can use video to promote your business, but just like you do with any other form of content marketing, you must outline your business goals from the inception of your video marketing initiative. What would you like to offer current/potential customers with your videos? What type of content will you use to present your material? What platforms will you choose to upload and share your video on?

Maybe you have a deep-rooted history in your community, or your award-winning culture is a big reason why your products or services succeed. Learn more about how businesses can promote their brands, products or services using video.

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