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Roll the highlight reel: Videos boost engagement, clicks and conversions

A few years ago, Cisco’s VP of Marketing and Emerging Technologies, David Hesh, forecasted that by 2013, 90 percent of all internet traffic would be consumed by video. It’s no wonder why online video has garnered its fair share of recent conversation—and deservedly so. Adding video can effectively boost engagement, click-through rates, and ultimately, conversions.

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Writing Killer Marketing Headlines with Some Help from BuzzFeed

If you’ve ever spent time on BuzzFeed, you know the site can best be described as one giant, addictive, and amazing time suck. I follow BuzzFeed on Twitter, and when the site tweets the headline of its newest article, I click through to the article almost every time.

Magazine headline writers are heralded as the best in the field, but BuzzFeed is equally adept at composing compelling headlines.

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Two IRL Examples of Pleasantly Personalized Brand Interactions

Marketing bloggers write a lot about the best ways to attract customers. Some of the most popular buzz phrases include “craft compelling brand stories,” “creating high-quality content,” and “give people memorable experiences.” We all know what these phrases mean, but what does effective marketing look like in real life? What are valuable brand-consumer interactions really made of?


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When Grammar and Everyone’s Favorite Memes Combine

I’ve been doing a good deal of reading, writing, and editing, and being the unabashed grammar nerd I am, my eyes seem to be drawn to the grammatical mistakes in written pieces. One thing I’ve noticed is a great deal of incorrect punctuation when it comes to independent and dependent clauses. Now before everyone gets all “€œIndependent clauses? Pshaw! Dependent clauses? Pshaw!”€ on me, let me explain that the technical grammar babble isn’t really what’€™s important here.

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Twitter Introduces its “Instagram for Video”: Vine

In the past I’ve written plenty about the emergence of video. Viddy and SocialCam were among those jostling to become the “Instagram for Video,” and more recently YouTube launched its instant video-sharing app, Capture, to compete. On Thursday, Twitter, which severed ties with Instagram back in July, introduced a six-second video-sharing app called Vine, which it acquired back in October.

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Five Great Tools to Enhance Your Content Marketing Efforts

At the heart of your content marketing strategy should be quality, useful and up-to-date content that your audience will find interesting enough to share with friends and family. You can publish bulks of content each week to get higher search traffic, but if your readers don’t like your articles, they won’t be your fans. If they quickly leave your pages, Google will lower your rankings, so it won’t help your marketing efforts in the long run. Original content with valuable information for your prospective customers will. But you can easily lose track with all the tasks, ideas and plans you need to do. Here are five tools that can help you stay organized and improve your content marketing strategy’s results.

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Game on: Brands tap the power of the fans for Super Bowl Sunday

Last season, more than 111 million people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl, a number that is almost certain to be rivaled this year. While a great deal of those viewers will watch the game with rooting interest, millions will simply tune in for one thing: the commercials. Those wishing to get their yearly dose of Bud Light’s adored Clydesdales, fret not. As for those looking to see Coca-Cola’s cuddly polar bears, well, they will not be making an appearance this year. Instead, though, brands like Coke have utilized crowdsourcing and social media to market their brands during the big game.

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