6 ways businesses can promote their brands, products or services using video

There are many ways you can use video to promote your business, but just like you do with any other form of content marketing, you must outline your business goals from the inception of your video marketing initiative. What would you like to offer current/potential customers with your videos? What type of content will you use to present your material? What platforms will you choose to upload and share your video on?

Maybe you have a deep-rooted history in your community, or your award-winning culture is a big reason why your products or services succeed. Learn more about how businesses can promote their brands, products or services using video.

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Liz Lemon 2

The Goofproof Guide to the Seven Most Confusing Punctuation Marks

When people give tips on content creation, they invariably include something like, “edit for grammar” or “pay attention to the rules of grammar.” That’s excellent advice, but I often think there’s something going on that a lot of marketers who write blog posts, ebooks, newsletters, or whitepapers don’t talk about. What if you’re not well-versed… Read more »

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Slideshare Marketing 101

Although it’s among the top 150 web properties in the world, many online marketers continue to overlook the vast potential of Slideshare.

For SEO reasons, most webmasters bail on the idea of opportunity once they discover the site doesn’t dish out follow links. But take a deeper look: the opportunities are fruitful and easy to implement.

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#MSHMural: Watch Mike Biondo Bring Buffalo to Life Through a 26-Foot Wide Mural

After almost eight months, the Mainstreethost mural is complete. Utilizing Valspar Paint and with the help of 100+ cups of Tim Horton’s coffee, Mike Biondo finished the Buffalo / Niagara Falls-themed mural (26 feet wide by 8 feet tall) in 378 painting hours. Check out the time lapse video below, which utilized 73,590 photos. If you enjoy watching the mural progress, be sure to share the video with the #MSHMural hashtag!

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