Alice in Wonderland Rabbit

Malice in Blunderland: A Belated Celebration of National Grammar Day

Monday, March 4, 2013, was National Grammar Day. As someone who writes about grammar, reads Patricia O’Conner’s blog in her spare time, and finds ways to insert into everyday conversations the book Eats, Shoots & Leaves, I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t know until Sunday night that the holiday existed.

Even though many people have already written in celebration of National Grammar Day—in a timely manner I should add—I felt obligated to celebrate too, albeit belatedly.

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TV history

Not your grandfather’€™s TV: Social TV experience ropes in viewers for latest hit shows

Today a myriad of the top shows on TV embrace social media and use it to engage with their audiences. The ordinary act of watching television has become much more of an experience in today’s social-network-driven world. This multi-screen phenomenon has transformed the way brands and TV shows interact with viewers. No longer are fans merely waiting for the next season of their favorite hit show, but they’re eager to take part in it.

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Supply Chain 1

Compare Supply Chain and Project Management Software Side By Side

Part of what bringing your business into the 21st century means is using 21st -century utilities to help manage your company’s operations. Supply order errors and improper management of your procurement chain could mean the loss of sales and detrimental dips in revenue. It’s an easily avoidable setback if you find what supply chain management software can best fit you and your business. It’s the same with project management—increasing the efficiency of managing projects allows for better communication flow and organization.

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Mint app

Seven killer apps all small business owners should add to their everyday operations

Keeping a keen eye on your finances and staying up to task on various responsibilities is easier said than done. While every dollar your spend can make a huge difference, there are several useful mobile applications you can use to better your business and flourish in today’s fast-paced, competitive, on-the-go environment. Apple has a page dedicated to iPhone apps specifically made for business.

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Adam Sandler 2

Three Examples of Writers Killing It at Grammar

When I talk about grammar with family, friends, and coworkers, it’s usually because some writer who really should know better committed a grammatical gaffe. Chalk it up to schadenfreude. Chalk it up to the comical nature of grammatical blunders. But who doesn’t enjoy chuckling at misplaced modifiers and dangling participles?

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MSH homepage button

Five examples of small businesses benefiting from effective calls-to-action

Creating an attractive, compelling call-to-action can oftentimes be the deal-breaker when attempting to entice qualified leads that will eventually convert. Whether it’s a business homepage, blog or email, failing to deliver that critical message that in turn will spark customer engagement (call, click, download, like, visit, buy!) will, in the end, cost your company money. It’s not simply all about delivering a compelling message, either. Design matters, too.

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A Good Day to Die Hard Theatrical Release

It’s ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ and a Good Day to Learn Some Grammar

The fifth film in the Die Hard series was released yesterday. The new flick, A Good Day to Die Hard, not only prompts us to marvel at how many film titles they can come up with from the words “die” and “hard,” but also causes us to wonder how many more action scenes they can squeeze out of an aging Bruce Willis. (My bet: many more. He’s looking really good for his age.)

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Google author image

How to set up Authorship: Why Google+ is now an absolute must for business blogs

As Google’s algorithm continuously evolved, it wasn’t going to be long before Google+ played a role in search results. Content associated with a verified account would soon affect your place in search ranking. Now, there’s no telling if it’s already begun to play a role in organic search, but it certainly will—most likely in the very near future.

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Go Daddy Commercial

A Go Daddy-Inspired Lesson in Smart, Sexy Grammar

If you possess both a sense of social awareness and an Internet connection, you know talk of Go Daddy’s Super Bowl commercial oozes from the Web kind of like that attention-grabbing, smooch-induced saliva leaked from Bar Refaeli and Jesse Heiman’s locked lips. (The buzz also oozes from websites the way your brain seeps through your ears after watching the commercial too many times.)

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