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Mainstreethost Podcast #2

This week on the podcast, the hosts dive into some new things around the office, including The Biggest Loser winners and the launch of our new website. We have our first iteration of consultant’s corner, where we introduce you to a new consultant each time. Also, watch out for the new Panda update from Google.

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Five Dollar Subway Pair

How to Figure Out Subject-Verb Agreement

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “subject-verb agreement.” People often refer to it when they’re talking about common grammar mistakes. In some cases, subject-verb agreement is really easy to understand, but in others, it’s pretty confusing.

Subject-verb agreement refers to the rule that subjects and verbs must agree in number. Singular subjects take singular verbs, and plural subjects take plural verbs.

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Content Marketing

Five Pieces of Panda-Resistant Content Worth Adding to Your Website

So Panda hasn’t battered your website for thin, useless or duplicate content. You’ve taken the necessary steps to “Panda-proof your website.” Blogs are a great way to drive traffic and build brand awareness, but there are other types of content you can offer your visitors besides blogs. Here’s a list of some types of Panda-proof content that you can add to your website that your visitors will love.

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someecards Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Beyond the Surface: The Why and How of Pinterest Marketing

Last week Pinterest announced Pinterest Web Analytics, a free tool that lets businesses track their pinning activity. It’s big news for marketers hesitant to get on board with Pinterest due to lack of measurement tools other than third-party ones like Curalate and Pinfluencer. Pinterest Analytics grounds Pinterest more deeply in data, and it tells businesses what people pin from their websites, how many people pin, what pins get the most repins, and how many impressions Pinterest content generates.

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Anchorman Ron Burgundy Big Deal

Why Colons and Semicolons Are Kind of Big Deals

Any post written with the aim of helping people correctly use grammar is wonderful, and I’m in no way complaining, but why do people seem to fall back on the usual “your vs. you’re” or “there vs. their vs. they’re” tips? I think that by focusing so intensely on grammar rules that are obvious and have arguably reached saturation point, we’re ignoring a lot of other rules that are trickier and more confusing.

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Viggle, GetGlue lead the way in new era of Social TV

If you’re oblivious to apps like Viggle and GetGlue and how they’ve enhanced the TV-viewing experience, then 2013 may be the year you explore these options and more. Although “Social TV” has long been a buzzword for social media whizzes, these apps will transform the way we watch TV in the future.

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Mainstreethost Launches New Podcast

Welcome to the new Mainstreethost podcast! In each episode we talk about current events in the office, break down recent happenings in the industry, and give some SEO tips. We want your interaction as well, so make sure you tune in to find out how to win free services.

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