reputation management

Reputation management through social media and online reviews

As a business owner, you must have thick skin to protect yourself and your sanity from bad reviews and less than favorable comments about your brand (products and services included). Unfortunately, criticism – and not always constructive criticism – comes with the territory of being in business. It’s not always the negative comments that make the greatest impact on your business, but HOW you respond to them.

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What makes people love to link to certain content?

Let’s talk about why people love linking to certain content, and what you can do with your own content to make it more link-worthy. We’ll concentrate on three key factors that influence content engagement, and how they subsequently affect backlinking: Who you are, what you produce, and how you present it.

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#MSHUnderReview featured image

#MSHUnderReview: using inbound marketing to turn leads into customers [VIDEO]

When it comes to using inbound marketing for qualifying leads and turning them into customers, your qualifiers are the first line of communication. They are the ones who are building the initial trust, setting the sales people up for success.

Watch as Craig Kilgore and Dave Perry chat about turning leads into customers.

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301 Redirects vs. Canonical Redirects with Printable Materials

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), things can get tricky quickly, even for someone who’s been working in the industry for more than two years. And this is no different for 301 and canonical redirects. While many think these function in the same way, they’re actually used for completely different purposes.

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