You get what you pay for: A guide to good design anatomy

In my profession as a web designer, it is not uncommon to hear a client try to explain to me that they can have their high school student build and design their website for a fraction of the cost. Of course they can, but we all know that you get what you pay for. A penny-saving decision like this might end up costing you far more in the long term.

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Guide to Social Media: Twitter [SLIDESHARE]

The third largest social media network, Twitter is the “buzz generator” of the social media world. Often the place where people go for late-breaking news and updates, Twitter is ideal for any business, especially if that’s where your audience is. (I’m sure you’re wondering if your audience is even on Twitter, and to that I say, sign up and find out!)

But first, here’s a guide to being on Twitter – why you should be on it, what you should post, when you should post, how to build a following, who you should be following and how to sign up.

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#MSHMondays: Frank Maida, Senior SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist

Senior SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist Frank Maida takes care of new clients at Mainstreethost. But keeping up with the evolving industry is only part of his job – Frank’s band and three children are a big part of his life, and he recently used his musical skill to help a friend in need.

Learn more about Frank in this week’s edition of #MSHMondays.

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#MSHMondays: Bob Royal, Search Engine Optimization Consultant

Bob Royal uses his SEO expertise to help Mainstreethost clients rank in the search engines. But when he’s not optimizing sites, he’s pumping iron at the gym and preparing for the rugby season. Bob plays for the Buffalo Rugby Club, and recently crossed the pond for a multinational UK tour.

Find out more about Bob and his talents in this week’s edition of #MSHMondays.

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